The developmental toddler group at Finger lakes Therapy works is for children 18 months to 3 years. Our developmental toddler group is a 90- minute structured program given two days per week. The class combines toddlers with special needs with typically developing toddlers. The structured program includes social interaction, motor activities, music, and learning through play. Developmental toddler groups focus on each child’s individual needs and encourage all children to become more independent in their natural environment.

Each class runs for 1.5 hours and is held in community-based settings. The class has a specific curriculum each week designed by our licensed team of professionals. The group’s daily schedule consists of free time, circle time, fine and gross motor activity time, snack and closing group time.

Benefits of sending your child to the Developmental Toddler Group:

  • To enhance your child’s social and cognitive skills
  • 4:1 child to instructor ratio
  • Fun lesson plans
  • Interaction through play

Who leads the Developmental Toddler Group?

A team of expertly trained professionals which may include; special education teachers, occupational therapists, speech language pathologists, and physical therapists work together to meet each child’s individual needs within the group setting. The group is generally structured using a special educator for the lead role.  Children engage in activities designed to promote social interactions, language development, cognitive, adaptive and fine and gross motor skills.